Sunday, January 5, 2014


One of my grand daughters wanted me to fix some jeans for her. I always enjoy finding ways to help in a frugal manner to increase the life of clothes. So just before Christmas I took her measurements.  I had intended to sew some other school clothes for her and my grand daughter in California.  They are only one year apart in age.  Unfortunately Children tend to share their viruses.  So I ended up sick and unable to sit at the sewing machine.  Therefore I decided to sew the patch by hand sitting in my easy chair.

It was quick and easy to use heat and bond to apply the patch. I ripped out the inseam enough to work comfortably with the patch.  It would be easy to resew the seam up when finished.
 Using embroidery thread I worked around the inside edge with a small stitch. I continued to stitch on the outside edge with one of the gold colors in the patch as well.  

Then using a color of the elephant and hippo I weaved between stitches that left a kind of zig-zag look.

Here is the finished product.  I will add some of the same material at the bottom edge of each pant leg to add a little length.  When I am finished I will try and post a picture of the finished jeans
It was actually fun and kept my mind off of feeling bad for at least a little while :)