Monday, January 27, 2014


The last two weeks I have been sewing every afternoon.   My son's youngest child has out grown her school clothes.  In another post I patched and added length to her jeans.   Now trying my hand at re-purposing some of the older children's clothing.

 photo 001_zps62d5d2c0.jpg 
One of the jumpers I had made was too tight in the chest area.  So I cut off the bodice top and turned it into a skirt. My grand-daughter was trying this on for me. She was so cute.  She came in and said Nana it won't stay up.   There was a lot of fullness in the skirt so I had to cut more off the elastic to make it tighter.   Also made the leggings.  The leggings and tops are made longer so she could grow.  We have at least 4 more months of cold weather up here.

                   photo 004_zps6fd77ad1.jpg
Then I made another outfit of a skirt, top and more leggings.
  photo 007_zpsb975d8a0.jpg
This skirt is for another one of my precious grand daughters.  I came up with this skirt by seeing another one similar to it.  It took me 3 afternoons to make this skirt.  I goofed on my measurement for the ruffles and did some re-adjusting.  The skirt turned out really cute if I do say so myself.  I have a pink material to make a top that will go with the skirt.  That will have to be in another post.
It has been fun trying my hand at re-purposing garments and coming up with my own design.