Monday, June 30, 2014


All in all a very productive day.
I finished my MIL's blouse top and got it sent off today in the mail.
The V neck line looked pretty low on the gown I made.  For an evening lounge gown that is ok.  For wearing as everyday clothing I decided to add a piece to the inside of the V-neck.
I made 2 microwave potato bags.  One smaller size and one larger.  If you are interested in making your own microwave bag pattern click here .  If you need instructions for sewing and how to use these bags safetly click here .
Then I made two of my simple aprons that I wear most of the time to cook in. 
Below is a tutorial on how to make a simple apron.  My aprons I make from a pattern I made myself to fit my body size.  Most aprons seem to tie around my hips instead of my waist.  I have used this apron pattern over and over through out the years.

After cutting out the body of the apron, I turn all the edges under 5/8 inch "twice" all the way around.
For the neck ties I used homemade bias tape for this particular apron.  Pin it at the edge of the top of the apron.
This is a picture of the two top ties pined to the apron.
Pin the side straps also and pin.
Sew all the way around the apron on the edges of the seams as seen in photo.
Just in case the seams do not secure the straps, sew at an angle forwards and backwards over the straps.  I know that these aprons will be repeatedly washed so I will go the extra to make sure every thing is secured.
I made one more apron only I had enough material to cut out straps to match this apron.

Now I have 2 new aprons to use.  It will be fun to have different ones to use.