Thursday, July 24, 2014


 photo NEWSEWINGMACHINE_zpsde901cc3.jpg
I am really enjoying my new CS6000i computer sewing machine.  photo 002_zps2085eec0.jpg 
The only problem I heard of from this sewing machine was that it is so light weight. They like the fact that it is light weight but it does not stay put on a working surface. Solving this problem was as easy as a roll of non-slip drawer liner that was purchased at the Dollar Tree for $1.
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My machine came with a walking foot. I have never used one of these and always thought it was for quilting. Upon some investigation into sewing with knits I came across this blog Pretty Prudent with instructions on using a walking foot to keep stretchy knits from puckering when sewed. This blog was very helpful. As for the twin needle PRETTY PRUDENT talks about I had also seen it in Nancy Zieman's book 10-20-30 MINUTES TO SEW page 72-73.
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After consulting my sewing machine manual to attach the walking foot correctly, I was ready to start sewing the knit top.
 photo 017_zps35b19f7c.jpg
I completed the knit top as seen in the picture above. The walking foot worked great. With the twin needles it gives a regular stitch with a zigzag stitch underneath.
 photo 018_zps5578517e.jpg
It was great on the tie detail of this top. I did thread the right needle wrong the first time. I can see the error on the top, wonder if you can?
 photo 019_zpsfab68476.jpg
The pattern used was a retro pattern that was purchased on ebay.
 photo 007_zpsefd16cb8.jpg
Now to tackle more sewing projects. Hope you will also try the walking foot on some of your projects and check out The Prudent Pretty Blog with some very helpful instructions for sewing with knits.