Monday, May 4, 2015


 photo 009_zps1ldd5hb1.jpg
These were my favorite capris.  If you look you can see the waist line of one of them was much larger.  I guess I wore this pare more often than the other one. The problem is that they are too loose now, as the elastic has stretched out.

So instead of throwing them away or turning them into rags, I decided to tighten the elastic.  That should give me a couple more years of use.  More pinny-penching but also more money in savings account for that dream RV we want to get.

 photo 011_zps2xuffs3y.jpg 
I went to the back where my homemade tag was.  Riped out a section that will allow you to pull the elastic out of the seam.  To see tutorial on tags CLICK HERE
 photo 013_zps9uuhitg9.jpg
I pulled the elastic out to where I had secured the elastic together.
 photo 015_zpsisc0vyd9.jpg
I cut off about 4 inches.
 photo 017_zpsjuopprol.jpg
Cut some scrap material to hook the two pieces of elastic back together. To see the tutorial on how to secure the elastic CLICK HERE
 photo 019_zpsujpceyop.jpg
Reclose the elastic casing by sewing the opening closed.
 photo 021_zpsqxouj9ez.jpg
My capris are now finished and ready to wear now.