Saturday, May 2, 2015


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Jumpers were in style for a long time and I had my share of them. 

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I have had 2 jumpers, a blue one and a red one, in my closet that I had not worn for at least a year. The fabric was still in great shape and some of my favorite colors. I wanted a change so I decided to make them into skirts. 

Are you ready-lets get started.

The first step is to carefully cut the bodice off the skirt of the jumper. Unfortunately there is not a before picture of this procedure.  Just try and cut where the seam is at or close to it as you can.
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Line the jumper up by the seams and trim the waistline evenly.
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Bias tape is a good choice for the elastic casing. The size of the bias tape will depend on the size of the elastic you will use for the waist line.
In my scrap box of bias tape I had 2 pieces.  I will use about 1/2 inch elastic. 
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 Iron the bias tape open.
 photo 029_zps92he8jmf.jpg 
Starting at the front edge of the waistline pin your bias tape to the top and fold back one edge as seen in picture.  Make sure you fold back an edge at the end also.
 photo 031_zpsowci5oka.jpg
Sew the bias tape to the top of the skirt waist line.
 photo 033_zps5qh9bnzx.jpg 
Iron the bias tape up as seen in above picture.
 photo 032_zpsv8kahsru.jpg 
When finished it should look like this.
 photo 034_zpsua5krseu.jpg 
Turn down and iron the sewn bias tape to the wrong side of the skirt. Make sure when you are turning it down you turn down a little of the skirt material. If you look closely on the next picture you can see what I mean.  At this time ziz-zag the unfinished edge of the bias tape to keep it from raveling.
 photo 036_zpsrjxmlnkb.jpg 
Sew a small seam at the top of the waistline. This little seam helps to keep the elastic from twisting in the casing.
 photo 037_zpsjwiplhc0.jpg 
Now sew the casing as shown in the picture above that the elastic will be inserted into.
 photo 039_zpsotpxen2c.jpg
Hook a safety pin or any sewing tool you use to insert elastic.
 photo 041_zpsumlm2avv.jpg
Insert the elastic.
 photo 048_zpss0eajfpd.jpg
Work your elastic through the casing.
 photo 049_zps1xaozrcr.jpg
When finished inserting elastic it will look like this.
 photo 051_zps0eznst7t.jpg
Hook the elastic on both ends. I used safety pins. You can sew each end at this time, securing the elastic.
Apply some kind of hook (trouser hook, hook 'n' eye, button, etc) to the end pieces to secure them when wearing your new skirt.  
I will permently sew a button where the button hole is, so it looks like it was buttoned.
I am in the process of loosing weight so I am waiting to do this step.
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 photo 057_zpshfpu1o5x.jpg
I now have 2 new skirts to wear. So if you run accross any jumpers at thrift stores or in your closet you can try this and make skirts.