Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Just 4 weeks till school starts here in California and Arizona.  I have grand children in both states that will need clothes for the upcoming school year.  So I am busy cutting out and sewing this week.

Today I sewed this outfit.  I did not get it totally finished.  I will need to hem the top tomorrow.
My sister loaned me several patterns last week to copy.  Of course I was happy to save some money and copy the patterns.  Thanks SIS!  I spent the rest of last week and first part of this week copying patterns.  It took some time but my frugal mind was enjoying the idea I did not have to buy a lot of patterns this year.

The out fit I will start with uses the above 3 patterns.  If you do not have someone to give you patterns check out Ebay and Etsy.  I have gotten some really good deals on patterns there. I love the older patterns as they give step by step instructions that are easy to follow. 

The first pattern was Butterick #6105  .  I used the "skirt" part of this pattern.

My sister also gave me some pieces of fabric she was finished using.  Do you see me Smile :)  As you can see the fabric already had pieces cut out of it.  
With years of people giving me fabric (when they find out I sew) have taught me to maneuver around  pieces of fabric and use what has not been used.  I also like to save as much of the material as I can.   My mind was thinking maybe a purse to match the outfit with the extra.  Maybe with some used denim pants with what was leftover.  So many ideas going through my mind as I cut out clothing.

It was a fairly easy pattern to sew. I was happy with the results.  A beginner should be able to do this one.

In the next pattern I used only the "knit top." It was Simplicity #2242.  For a beginner it might be a little more difficult.  The directions would be easy to follow though and I believe a beginner could accomplish it.
I was pleased with the outcome of this knit top pattern too.

 The skirts are getting shorter so I will make some leggings for my grand daughter to wear under the skirt so she can hang from the monkey bars.  I will use Butterick Pattern # 3389. I will only use the "leggings of this pattern."  I cut them out today but did not have time to sew them today.  Maybe I can add the pictures of them tomorrow.  That is if I get to sew tomorrow.  

Not bad for an afternoon.  I think my grand daughter will like this.