Sunday, August 21, 2016


 photo IMG_6531_zpskw0xqw3p.jpg
Have you ever gone to a store like Wal-Mart to quickly get something and see a sale item you decide to pick up too.  So you pick your size and off you go.  You get home and find that even though it is your size it just does not fit right.  That is what happened to me, so I had to come up with someway to make it fit.  I did not want to wait in long lines for returns either.  So I came up with this method of fixing this problem. 
 photo IMG_6513_zps48afmmua.jpg I found a pink blouse in what I call my "scrap clothing bag" that would match my top. More about what I do with the scrap clothing in a future post. 
I only needed the back of the pink top for my panels. The rest goes back into the bag. I did iron the pink top so the measurements of the panel will be accurate.
When cutting the panels I made sure the hem on the pink top could be used, so that I did not have to hem the bottom of the panel.  I did cut the panel long enough to make a hem in the sleeve area.
 photo IMG_6516_zpsju1wg122.jpg I cup up each side seam of the top from the bottom hem and up through the sleeve seam.
 photo IMG_6519_zpsmvmugaxj.jpg
I needed about 1 1/4 inch extra in the sleeve. So I added 1/2 inch to the 3 1/4 inch measurement which gave me 1/4 inch for the seam on each side.
 photo IMG_6517_zpsndvi3l7g.jpg I needed the width mostly in the hip area. I measured up how far up I needed to go so as not to change the bust area. That measurement was 8 inches as seen in the photo. The width was about 3 inches on each side. That will give me a 6 inch increase in the bottom of the top.
 photo IMG_6522_zpsuzyehlss.jpg With the sleeve and bottom side measurements I now will pin the 3 3/4 inch panel to the side of the shirt. The 3 3/4" panel is laid under the hip area and gradually pivoted so that I had the 1 3/4 protruding out. That way the under arm panel is not 3 1/2 inches in my sleeve area. Remember I only need 1 1/4 inch (not including the seams) to fit. Easy to do hard to explain. Hopefully the photo helps.
 photo IMG_6523_zpsu0yq9i6z.jpg I did cut the 3 3/4 wide strip long enough to have some left over to hem the sleeve area.
 photo IMG_6527_zpske2o9pws.jpg This was the finished sleeve area.
 photo IMG_6531_zpskw0xqw3p.jpg
My finished top. I have already wore it a couple times now. No longer just hanging in my closet. I have another top I bought at the same time. So will do the same thing so I can wear it too.