Monday, February 1, 2010


This week-end I set out my supplies and started scrap-booking again.
I have been doing some on line with Heritage Makers, but decided I would do some the old fashioned way.
Scrap-booking is a great way to preserve your memories.  My grandchildren love looking at my scrapbooks, especially of themselves when they come over and visit.
I have collected supplies over the years for doing this.  When my oldest daughter was working at a craft store she introduced me to it.  She had always scrap booked her pictures, newspaper articles, etc as a child.  She said Mom, "THIS IS GOING TO BE BIG", and she was right.
We had very few supplies.  I remember when we first started taking material and scanning it on the printer to have decorated paper.  Who would have imagined just how BIG it did get.
I now even scan stickers, magazine pictures, news articles, etc.  That way I can reuse some of the stickers without having to buy them. I use the computer to journal and print and paste.  I pick up a little here and a little there so that it does not cost so much all at once.  When I am ready I have supplies to do my scrap-booking.

You can decorate them as much as you like or just make them very simple.
I use Scrap-booking magazines to get inspiration or I will actually use the lay out of my choice using my colors and embellishments.
I use to tell Susan (my sister-in-law) you are so talented, and she says "no I just take my ideas from scrapbook magazine articles". That way you do not even have to figure it out yourself.
In Picture above is one of the pages I did this week-end.

Not bad for two afternoons this week-end.  I now have the motivation to get more done.

When I was living in California all the Mothers, Wives, Cousins, Kids, etc would get together and scrapbook.  The ones that did not scrapbook came to watch and talk.  It was kind of like a quilting bee.
So whenever I go and visit we try and get together and have a scrapbook party that may be more than one day.

I have come all the way from Arizona to do this, I am ready to start.
We are going to have to put up more tables when everyone gets here!
Susan says what do I want to do with this one.

I think it is time for a chocolate break as that will get rid of my scrap book block!
My sister came to say hi and join in on some of the fun, even though she does not scrapbook.
Mom says now this is fun, having all my family come and be together sharing memories!

Even grandmothers, great grandmothers come.
Susan's mother (in the picture above) is no longer with us anymore, but that makes our scrap booking even more precious, and when the pain of loss dulls some, we can look at our scrapbooks and fondly remember the time we had with them, with a smile on our face, that they shared their lives with us!