Friday, October 29, 2010


Upon seeing the cost of pajamas for little girls my daughter bought a package of 5 little boy T-shirt and fleece bottoms. 
She was coming for a 2 week visit and knew her mother would come up with something to turn them into cute little girl PJ tops.
I went to the Internet and my documents of copied embellishments for ideas. The Internet is a great way to get your creative juices going.   
The following pictures will be the other PJ's tops I designed and a few instructions.

This shirt was a little more detailed than some of the other shirts I did, but it was fun and turned out nicely. 
I chose a flower to design and used scraps of fabric.  This is a great way to use up those scraps of fabric we just cannot bear to throw away. 
Under the center of the flower I used a piece of pink fabric that would fray easily.  It was cut in a square and I removed the strings around all four sides to fray it. 
Using "Wonder-Under" I ironed on the flower piece and appliqued it. All of the designed material pieces were done this way. "Wonder-Under" has easy instructions for using. 
Wax paper was used under these fabric pieces to give them stability as I stitched and appliqued. 
The square frayed piece was appliqued and then the round center piece on top of the flower piece. 
I used homemade binding as the stem and sewed on either side of it. To learn how to make your own binding click below  on my Bias Tape Instructions.

Binding was used on the bottom and the sleeves.  The hems of the sleeve and bottom of shirt were cut off  this shirt before attaching the homemade binding. 
The binding was not going on a good as I had wanted.  I determined it was the cotton fabric going on knit fabric.  I used wax paper under the fabric as stability while I sewed and appliqued. This worked so well that I used it under all the appliques and sewing I applied.
Wax paper is the most inexpensive versatile tool in the kitchen and crafting.  I have used it as patterns, appliqueing, tracing and then printing on the printer my designs.  I just keep on finding new ways of using wax paper.

On this shirt I applied three hearts in different sizes. My cutting board had hearts diagrams on it.  I copied the large one and increased it to the desired size I wanted.  I decreased this heart size twice by 70% and then 60%.  This gave me the sizes for the smaller hearts.

I used a ribbon from a scrap of ribbon and then sewed the knotted part down so that it will not come undone in the wash. 
The hems of the sleeves and bottoms were cut off.  Using a smaller zig-zag length and width I stretched the knit as I sewed and this created the curly edge.  The thread used for curly edge matched the fleece bottoms.

This was the finished outfit for the hearts. If I had more time I may have added a ruffle to the bottom of the fleece bottoms.

This shirt I used adorable sleeping stars.  I applied the same method as the hearts for increasing and decreasing  the size of the stars. 
Mark the eyes and nose with a Disappearing Ink, Mark-Be-Gone pen.  This gives you a guide line for appliqueing the eyes and nose on the fabric.


To create the cereal bowls I used wax paper and copied a small design on some fabric I had.  Using my printer I enlarged the bowls till I got it the size I wanted for the shirt.
The Disappearing Ink pen was used to draw in the stem and divisions on the fabric bowls and leaves to give it depth.  
The stem was applied with the smaller adjusted width and length zig-zag stitch and it extended down into the leaf.
If you look close you can see the words cereal stitched by my sewing machine on the top lighter green bowl. 
If you do not have the ability to do this with your machine, you can use some permanent coloring fabric pens.
There you have it.   Have some fun and feel free to use any of my designs.