Friday, February 11, 2011


My pot holders were getting a little ratty as I call it. I needed to make some new ones. The problem was I only had a little lining left to make them with. The nearest fabric shop is 3 hours away and Wal-Mart is 30 minutes away.
So an idea was taking shape.  Why not use the old pot holder as lining.  No trips to town and recycling materials to boot. Here is a tutorial on how my pot holders were refurbished.  There are a lot of pictures in this tutorial.  I hope this will be helpful to new sewers.
1. Start by removing the old binding. It would be too bulky to sew with it on.
2.  Square up your old pot holder.
3.  Measure you old pot holder and add 1/2 inch all the way around for seams. Trace these measurements into a pattern.  I JUST LOVE WAX PAPER.  The reason for the pattern is explained in steps 4 & 5.
4.  One of the reasons I make a pattern is that I usually have pieces of fabric and it makes it easy to cut out on those left over pieces.  I also have a pattern I can store for further brand new pot holders.

5.  The other reason was that I needed to cut out 2 more pieces of lining for the two pot holders that were being refurbished.  The old pot holders were pretty worn down and this would give them a little more padding.
6.  Cut out 4 new fabric pieces from your pattern to make 2 pot holders.  I went into my extra scrap HOMEMADE BIAS TAPE and picked one that would match my pot holders.  Make sure you have enough bias tape to do the number of pot holders you are doing.
 7.  Zig Zag or straight stitch around the edge so it does not ravel and come undone.  I do this as an extra precaution.
8.  Zig Zag around the holes or torn spots so they do not unravel inside your new pot holder.
9. Sew 1/8 inch on the edge of both sides of your bias tape.  Then cut a section the length you will want your tabs plus a seam allowance.
10.  I placed my tab in the middle instead of on one of the edges.  To do this just measure and place your tab as show above in the middle.
11. Take your 2nd piece of new fabric and place over the tab right sides together.
12.  Now place the old pot holder in the middle of your 2 new pot holder pieces, as show above.
13. Place one lining piece in the middle on the opposite side of the placement of the old pot holder. You will have 2 new pot holder pieces right side together with tab in the middle .  Then the old pot holder in the middle on one side; the lining in the middle on the other side. 
14.  Sew 5/8 inch around your pot holder catching the old pot holder and lining. Do not worry if all the lining and old pot holder is not completely caught in the sewing.  It will be secured later.  Leave an opening in the bottom (SEE PICTURE BELOW). Make sure to use a heavy needle to sew through all thicknesses.
15.  Now turn your pot holder right side out through the opening.
16.  Once turned right side out, press your pot holder.  Make sure to evenly turn under the section that was left open in step 15 picture.  
17.  Sew 3/8 inch seam all the way around the new pot holder.
18.  Sew around again 1/8 inch seam.  This will secure the turned under edge.
19.  Starting in one corner sew to the other corner as show in photo.  If you need to with a ruler mark a line from end to end with a tailors chalk pencil.
20.  Fold pot holder in half from corner to corner.  Place a pin in the middle of your last stitching, where you see the arrow.

21.  With a disappearing marking pin place a dot where the pin comes through in the middle on the other side.  If you do not have a marking pin, just place your sewing machine needle as close to the middle as you can.
22.  Place your sewing machine needle on this dot (step 21) and sew to corner.  Then repeat process to the other corner.  Starting in the middle and going to the corner,keeps the fabric from bunching up.  I have learned to do this in a lot of sewing projects.  Every sewing machine feed dogs will stretch the fabric a little when sewing. This has eliminated some of that bunching when you have to sew a long seem or over another line of stitching. 
I now have 2 new pot holders to use and I did not have to leave home to buy lining.
Enjoy-If you have any questions, just leave a question in the comment section and I will reply.