Friday, March 28, 2014


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This morning the Lord was encouraging me through a phone call from a dear sister Kathryn. I have always been able to count on Concho Community Church for any prayers, support or encouragement. I now live in another town, but that does not matter to any of us. We will be friends for eternity.
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What Kathryn did not know was that 2 days ago my sewing machine quit. I knew it was going as I heard something happen to it while sewing. I just kept sewing until it would not sew anymore. Since we live on Social Security our money is tight like a lot of other people's. So I put up all my sewing things in the back room so I would not think about it.
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Kathryn called this morning and told me that she was at a garage sale and they had 11 boxes of material. She told me they were $10 dollars a box. I had recently been on line looking at the cost of fabric and I was shocked by the prices. I had been sewing from a stash that I had for a few years.
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Kathryn said she immediately thought of me as I sewed for my kids and grandkids. It was an encouragement from the Lord that a sewing machine will be provided in the near future. I stepped out on faith and went and bought 2 boxes of material. The majority of fabric was 2 yards and some 3-4 yards. I counted 36 pieces at 2 yards to come up with an approximate amount that it would have cost to purchase the material at $5.00 a yard. The cheapest amount at Wal-Mart.
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So not only did the Lord encourage me through Kathryn but He provided over $200 dollars worth of material that I paid $20 for.
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