Thursday, October 22, 2015


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When I was a kid we had grand fun at Halloween. We went from door to door to get candy from our neighbors. My mother made costumes for all four of us.
 One year she spray painted a card board box with silver spray paint. She had saved tin cans and hooked them together. She made a funnel with a strap so it would sit on my head. You guessed it I was the tin man in the Wizard of OZ. So I have continued the tradition of making costumes for my kids and now my grand kids.

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The years I have been in the area where my Family and my daughter's family live we have a Halloween Scrap Book Party. We all dress up for fun and enjoy our child hood again. We also scrapbook and eat treats.
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 This year we decided to go as candy. I made my grand daughter a Kit Kat candy shirt. I used the washable
Heat n Bond.

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I started with a copy of the letters that my daughter copied off the internet. Using tracing paper I traced the letters and candies. Then using Hot Iron Transfer Pencils I traced the opposite side. You take the traced paper and place it on the material you are using. Then take a hot iron and place it over your traced paper  design.  Using Heat n Bond iron it on the back of this design. Cut out your design. There are instructions with the Heat n Bond if you have not used it before.  Peel the backing off when cool and iron them on the shirts.
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 These took me about one afternoon, so this project was an easy and fast project. So if you want an easy costume try doing it on a T-shirt. Sorry I did not take pictures of the process but if you buy the Heat n Bond and the Hot Iron Transfer Pencils you will have instructions to give you the idea.

Enjoy the Halloween Season Nina